10 Simple Rules

We have 10 simple rules that are designed to ensure the best arcade experience possible for our patrons. We appreciate your support!

keep it fun for everyone:

1.  Smoking, vaping, or dipping is not permitted inside the building or within 15′ of the Arcade entrances.

2. No gum is permitted in Pinballz.

3. Good conduct is expected at all times. We reserve the right to remove any negative influences.

4. Children under 12 must be supervised at all times by an adult.

5. No outside alcohol allowed on premise EXCEPT for at the original location, which has a BYOB policy (see below for Original’s rules).

6. No outside food or drink of any kind is permitted to enter the arcade, with the exception of the BYOB rules at the original location. Cake may only be brought in with a party package or room rental.

7. Please respect our machines by not leaning against them or placing personal items on them.

8. Reservations must be made in advance for private party rooms

9. Cash or Credit Cards are accepted, no Checks (except party deposits)

10. Have Fun!

The Original Pinballz Arcade is the only location with a BYOB policy. 

Our BYOB policy is in place to ensure a positive experience for all of our patrons, as well as to meet all City of Austin laws and ordinances. Please adhere to the following rules regarding BYOB:

1. One Beer per person only at a time in the arcade – no six packs, cases or coolers.

2. Single serving wine drinks are allowed.

3. All drinks must be brought in unopened and kept in their original can or bottle, no open cups.

4. Open containers may not leave the building, no drinking allowed in parking lot (no “tailgating”) or surrounding property.

5. No hard alcohol or mixers.

6. No underage drinking.

7. Over-intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave by security or arcade attendants.

8. No (non-alcoholic) external drinks of any kind (water, soda, juice, etc) are allowed – these are available for purchase in the Original Arcade.

9. Violators of this policy, along with game abuse, theft, or unruly behavior, will be asked to leave the arcade and may be banned from returning.

10. Be smart – don’t ruin it for everyone.

Anyone violating our rules will be given one warning and then not allowed readmission to the arcade, ever.

We continuously record video of the entire arcade for your safety and the safety of our employees and patrons.

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