Thursday Night Flipper Fight

Event Date:

July 18, 2024

Event Time:

8:00 pm

Event Location:

Original Pinballz Arcade, 8940 Research Blvd, Austin, TX


Welcome to Thursday Night Flipper Fights, a weekly pinball tournament hosted by local pinball club Salamander City. Starting at 8pm every Thursday, play against other local pinball lovers as you test your skills and see who comes out on top as the best of the best in pinball. For a $5 entry fee, you get to play 5 rounds of match play, followed by a round of playoffs. The Top 4 finalists at the end of the night will receive cash prizes from the prize pool.
Whether you’re a veteran player or new to the pinball scene, these weekly tournaments are open to any-experience pinball players. Time to grab your play card and start flipping!

Matchplay Rules

– Scoring is done in a 7-5-3-1 point system (winner of each machine gets 7 points, second place gets 5 points, third place gets 3 points and fourth place gets 1 point).
– In Round 1, players will be grouped up randomly. As you play through Rounds 2-5, your groups will rearrange and you will be paired up with players who have similar scores to you.
– After Round 5, the overall Top 6 players will qualify for the playoffs.
– The Top 2 players out of the 6 will automatically get a bye into the finals. The remaining 4 players will play 1 game, with their Top 2 advancing into the finals.
– Top 4 finalist will receive payout from the prize pool.

Additional Rules

– Be respectful to other players as well as machines. Playing out of turn will result in a score of 0 for that round.
– No deathsaves, bangbacks, or rage tilts.
– Tiebreakers will be settled by number of wins.
– All questions or requests for a ruling must be directed to the Tournament Director(s). No player is allowed to make ruling or disqualification calls.
– If a random group only has 3 players, the 7-5-3-1 point system will be altered and become a 7-4-1 point system.

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