Pinballz Perkz Program


Every dollar you spend EARNS you points to purchase unique merch, discounts on events, and more via email and in-app!


3 Ways to Achieve VIP Perkz


Acquire 750 Perkz Points through purchases to get to VIP Perkz level!


Buy VIP Status for $750 and get Perkz immediately!


Pay a low monthly subscription fee of $62.50 and get VIP Perkz immediately!

Any way you earn, once you reach VIP status you keep it for a year!


Redeemable for game card value, food, drinks, tickets, events, and other VIP Prizes 


Merch Perkz Points Perkz Price Regular Price
T-Shirt 3,500 $16 $18
Yeti Small 6,000 $30 $35
Yeti Large 10,000 $50 $70
Bumper Stickers 300 $2 $3
Lanyard 250 $2 $3
Koozie 600 $4 $6
Water Bottles 300 $2 $3
Tickets & Game Cards Perk Points
1,000 Tickets 4,500
Game Card 1,500

Perkz Protection

Once you register, your points and tickets are protected against loss!  

Don’t be like this guy, protect your card!

If you lose your game card, just come see a Pinballz staff member for help! They can easily transfer all funds and points from any registered game card to a new one! 


In the old program, you achieved levels based on the amount of money spent. The points were only associated with how much you spent and did not give you any other benefit. The new program will continue to advance you based on your spend, but now you will earn Perkz Points that will allow you to trade in for premium merch, prizes, game cards, food, and drinks. 

Any items that you previously earned will continue to be available during the 90 day transition period. You can request these at any time.

Please see an attendant at any location to redeem your prizes. If there’s something that you’ve earned that is not available, please see a Management Team Member.

We believe this new program will deliver a better value for you and prepare for future upgrades to be able to earn more prizes in more ways! 

You can sign up via one of our kiosks in store, on the website here, or with one of our attendants.

To get points with the Pinballz Perkz program, all you have to do is tap your card at the register and the points are loaded onto your card!

At this time, parties and events are excluded from the Pinballz Perkz Program.

We reduced the number of levels to provide additional ways to earn VIP status. 

Yes, special pricing is still available starting at the same level as before. 

So we can give you fun goodies when it comes up! 

Every user must verify that their information is correct during the 90 day transition period. If there is missing or incorrect information, you may not transfer over into Pinballz Perkz.



 Old / NewOld / NewOld / New
LevelBronze = MemberSilver & Over = VIPDiamond+ = Titanium
SpendUnder $750$750+$5,000+
Perkz Per Dollar 15% More25% More
Card ColorYellow CardBlack CardMetallic Card

Without a valid email address or phone number, you will not be transferred to the Pinballz Perkz Program. 

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