5 Fun Things To Do in Austin With Family

Did you know that more than 30 million domestic visitors go to Austin, Texas, annually? That statistic isn’t all that surprising when considering what the state’s capital city offers. Kids can have a blast in Austin, too, as many of the city’s attractions and events are family-friendly. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, there are plenty of things to do in Austin – below, we dive into some of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Austin for the Whole Family

Austin is brimming with things to do and sights to see — and not just for the grown-ups! Here are some of our top things to do in Austin with kids, friends, family, or whoever else might join you on your trip to the area.

1. Catch a Live Performance

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World! So, leaving the city without having experienced at least one performance could be criminal. Right?

You and your family won’t have any trouble finding a local artist playing. Musicians are everywhere in the Texas city, from coffeehouses to restaurants, sporting events, and concert halls. Chances are, regardless of where you and yours go, you won’t be far from someone with a guitar and a microphone.

Pinballz, an ATX entertainment center, is one place where families can find a live show to watch. On the first Friday of every month, a Central Texas classic rock band puts on an all-ages show. Imagine spending a few hours in the Pinballz arcade, then settling in with your kids to listen to some tunes.

2. Go to a Movie Night

A movie night is the perfect option for families looking for something laidback and relaxing to do together, and Austin offers plenty of opportunities to have one.

Going to a regular theater is one option, but the Austin Parks Foundation’s Movies in the Park series can be a fun way to catch a flick. Bring some blankets or lawn chairs, grab some snacks from a food truck, and enjoy an evening of fun under the night sky.

Sometimes, restaurants, coffee shops, or other venues might host movie screening events for patrons to enjoy, which are often suitable for all ages. For example, Pinballz’s October 2023 event calendar includes a Halloween screening every Thursday night. We show two films each week: one fun, family-friendly flick and something scarier for grown-ups to watch after kids are off to bed.

3. Play a Game of Laser Tag

When you and your group get the urge to play, satisfy it with a few rounds of laser tag at Pinballz Lake Creek’s 6,400-square-foot arena.

This recreational shooting game is a great pick for families for multiple reasons. The guns fire infrared light rather than messy paintballs or painful plastic airsoft pellets, so you don’t have to worry about the kiddos in your group getting messy or injured after playing a few rounds.

Laser tag can also be a fun team-building activity. Strategizing with your companions to beat another team is a great way to bond and work together; you’ll grow closer and, if you’re lucky, pull out a win!

4. Ride Some Go-Karts

Go-karting is another one of the fun things you can do in Austin with kids. Live out your race car driver dreams at one of the Texas city’s go-kart tracks — a trip to Pinballz Speedway, anyone? — and find out once and for all who the best driver in your family really is.

5. Get Competitive with Arcade Games

Tap into your family members’ competitive sides with an afternoon of arcade games. Test out who can rack up the most tickets at the end of the day, win the most Skee-ball matches, or beat the high score on Ms. Pac-Man. Maybe you and your crew don’t care much about winning. That’s OK — arcade games are satisfying “just for fun” activities, too.

Pinballz boasts a collection of modern and vintage games. So, while you and the kids log some solid play hours, you can introduce them to the games you played at the arcade when you were their age.

Find Family-Friendly Things To Do in Austin at Pinballz

Our list is only the starting point for finding family-appropriate outings in the Central Texas town. Austin has plenty of other opportunities for families to learn, play, eat, and explore. Before venturing out into ATX, think about your family members’ interests and plan activities accordingly.

Families with multiple interests may appreciate stopping by Pinballz, where there are events, games, and attractions for a wide variety of people. It’s an ideal spot for families because there’s something for everyone to do and enjoy!

Keep Pinballz in mind as you brainstorm fun things to do in Austin. If you have questions about what the entertainment center offers or if you’re ready to plan out your visit, contact us today or visit a Pinballz location during regular business hours.