How to Play (and Win!) Laser Tag Like a Pro

There’s only one thing more fun than playing a game of laser tag, and that’s winning a game of laser tag. Sure, running around a dark space shooting laser guns with your friends can be fun, regardless. But knowing that you came out on top at the end of the round adds a new level of satisfaction. Come out on top in your next round of laser tag with insider knowledge that will help you play like a pro.

What is Laser Tag? How Does it Work?

Laser tag is a shooting game, like paintball or airsoft. However, unlike the other activities, laser tag is clean and contactless — no messy paint stains to clean up or painful welts left behind after getting hit by a plastic pellet.

But how does it work? Laser tag players shoot opponents with infrared light-emitting guns. Once shot, a player is completely decommissioned for a few moments, unable to be shot again or to attack.

The goal for laser tag players is to shoot as many opponents as possible. Each time you hit an opponent, you receive points, and the team or player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

5 Tips to Level Up Your Laser Tag Game

So, you know what laser tag is. But now, the question is, “how” — as in, “How do you play laser tag like a pro?”

1. Dress the Part

Most laser tag venues don’t have set dress codes. But when you want to play the best game possible, there are a few unspoken wardrobe rules:

  • Don’t wear any bright colors. The arena will be dark, and similar colors will help you blend into your surroundings.
  • Since you’ll be doing a fair amount of running, crouching, and hiding, you should wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely.
  • If you have long hair, consider tying it back to keep it out of your face while you play.
  • For your and others’ safety, leave the sharp jewelry at home. 

2. Keep Moving

During the craziness of being surrounded on all sides by armed opponents, staying still might seem like the safest option. However, taking that approach turns you into a sitting duck pretty quickly.

Keeping on the move makes it harder for opponents to hit you. Plus, it makes the game more fun overall and can be a great inclusion in your cardio routine.

3. Understand the Arena

Try to get a good handle on the environment as quickly as possible. Do your best to generally understand the overall layout. Take inventory of the best hiding spots and note the places that will leave you most susceptible.

At Pinballz, your premier popular venue for laser tag in Austin, Texas, we offer players over 6,000 square feet of arena to explore. Completely learning the ins and outs of a venue that expansive takes time and effort, but it’s worth it if you hope to end the match as the overall winner.

4. Respect Laser Tag Etiquette

The rules of the game may vary slightly depending on where you play. However, a few general rules of thumb apply everywhere:

  • Keep your hands to yourself. Laser tag is a physical contact-free game, so avoid touching other players.
  • Don’t cheat. Don’t try to manipulate the system by removing or covering your sensors with your hands, arms, or clothes.
  • Follow the safety guidelines set by the venue.
  • Treat other players kindly. This is a game, not a matter of life and death, so be a good sport! If you feel yourself getting angry or frustrated, take a break to cool off.

5. Practice!

As with anything else, the best way to improve your laser tag skills is to practice. Head to your closest laser tag venue — for Austin residents, that might be Pinballz! — and try to set yourself up for a round as often as possible. After a while, you’ll learn the arena well, discovering the best spots for picking off your opponents and hiding from enemy fire.

Visit Pinballz for More Laser Tag Fun

Now that you’ve got a few laser tag tips up your sleeve, put them into practice at your closest game arena. If you’re in Central Texas, head on down to Pinballz to get started.

Kid City Guide lists our entertainment center as one of the most fun things to do in Austin. With bumper cars, escape room challenges, mini-bowling, go-karts, ax throwing, and more, the whole family can find something to do there, and you can improve your laser tag skills — it’s a win-win!

To learn more about Pinballz, discover how to book a laser tag birthday party there, or simply learn more about what the business offers, contact us online or visit one of our locations during business hours.