Things To Do in Austin: Our 4 Favorite Family Activities

Each year, millions of people visit Austin, Texas, for its world-famous music scene, picturesque parks, miles of scenic hiking trails, and thousands of delicious food trucks. This cool, unconventional Texas city offers something for everyone, but when you bring your family to town, one attraction should top your list of things to do in Austin: Pinballz!

With three locations in the Austin area, Pinballz offers a unique twist on family fun. In addition to the largest selection of arcade games and pinball machines in Texas, your family can race go-karts, explore escape rooms, test their laser tag skills, and immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences. There’s something at Pinballz to please every member of your squad! Below are four of our favorite family activities that are sure to delight.

1. Inner Soldier Laser Tag

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Austin that the whole family can enjoy, Inner Soldier Laser Tag is for you. This “real-life Call of Duty experience” can be found at Pinballz Kingdom, located just 25 minutes outside of Austin in Buda, Texas.

Inner Soldier Laser Tag is an outdoor laser tag experience that allows each member of your family to unleash their inner warrior! You can battle one another in head-to-head death matches or band together and face off with other teams. Inner Soldier offers five rousing game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Defuse the Bomb
  • Break the Bank
  • Capture the Flag

Most arena laser tag experiences feature heavy, bulky vests that slow down smaller players. But, Pinballz levels the playing field with lightweight headband-style tag readers that improve mobility and ensure everyone enjoys the game.

2. Bumper Cars

If you’re looking for some classic family fun, why not take a spin on our bumper cars? Since the 1930s, bumper cars have been a staple attraction at fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks. If some of your favorite childhood memories take place behind the wheel of a bumper car, it’s time to pass that fun along to your little ones!

Our old-school, electrified floor bumpers — or “dodgems,” as they were once called — combine vintage vibes with heart-pounding thrills, making them a top choice for things to do in Austin with kids. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, get ready to spin, shake, bump, bounce, bang, smile, laugh, and feel like a kid again!

3. Boxblaster VR

After the retro excitement of bumper cars, step into the future of family activities in Austin with a trip to the virtual world of Boxblaster VR. This four-player virtual reality attraction is Pinballz’s newest option for fully-immersive family fun. You can battle robot invasions, blast your way through Tokyo, slay dragons on a mystical journey, fight medieval knights, and more! Experience a new dimension of play with seven competitive VR games, including:

  • Arcania
  • Cyberblast VR
  • Eclipse
  • Dino Rush (kid-friendly)
  • Gold and Mace (kid-friendly)
  • Hamster Invasion
  • Sling Battle

4. Arcade Games

Sometimes, the best ideas are also the simplest. If your children are big fans of video games (and really, who isn’t?), then the arcade games at Pinballz are a sure-fire ticket to Funtown.

Pinballz features hundreds of pinball machines and arcade games at its three Austin-area locations. Whether you visit Pinballz Original Arcade, Pinballz Lake Creek, or Pinballz Kingdom in Buda, you’ll discover the ultimate in family gaming fun.

Our arcade games include a crowd-pleasing array of titles, from the best arcade games of all time (Pac-Man, anyone?) to modern classics like “Dance Dance Revolution” and revolutionary modern arcade games like Star Wars Battle Pods. In between, you’ll find various games featuring characters the whole family knows and loves, from Spider-Man to Indiana Jones and The Simpsons.

But the best thing about arcade games? They’re as easy on parents as they are entertaining for children and teens. Once you’ve loaded their game cards with tokens, you can let your kids loose to explore our incredible collection — while you explore our impressive selection of signature cocktails and draught beers.

For Fun Things to Do In Austin, Choose Pinballz

If you want guaranteed fun for the whole family, the choice is clear. Pinballz is the place to go for timeless activities like bumper cars, arcade games, and pinball machines, as well as exciting, modern experiences like virtual reality and outdoor laser tag.

Perfect for birthday parties, special events, or your family’s next vacation, Pinballz ranks top among the area’s can’t-miss attractions. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or were born and raised in Austin, you’ll find fun activities for everyone in your family at Pinballz! Contact us today with any questions or to plan your visit.