4 Must-Haves for the Best Austin Corporate Event Venues

Corporate events are a great way to boost company morale, but they often get a bad rap thanks to stuffy retreats and snooze-worthy seminars. If you fear your next corporate event will be met with intra-office dread, have no fear. Like everything else about Texas’s capital city, Austin corporate event venues take advantage of the good times.

As the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes for dull corporate events” — or something like that. It’s time to give the axe to stodgy convention centers and find a venue that puts the “fun” back into your following corporate function. Booking the perfect venue is the first step to hosting a company-wide event that engages your entire team.

The Benefits of Fun Corporate Events in Austin

Corporate events are opportunities to give your team extra training, reinforce company values, and ensure everyone’s on the same page. By shaking things up with a change of venue and deviating from business-as-usual, corporate events can:

  • Strengthen connections and deepen relationships between your employees
  • Enhance the creativity and productivity of your office
  • Build a positive office culture that encourages employee retention

The key to unlocking these benefits and throwing a fun corporate shindig is choosing the perfect location. Here are four must-have features the best corporate event spaces in Austin should offer.

1. Private Group Spaces

Convention centers and meeting halls are popular options for corporate events because they provide private group spaces. That’s also why you should put Pinballz at the top of your venue list. When you book your event with Pinballz, you’ll not only have access to the most extensive collection of Pinball machines and video games in Austin — but you’ll also have access to a versatile, private corporate venue in Austin that’s perfect for companies of any size.

With 950 square feet of enclosed, private space and seating for up to 120 guests, the event room at Pinballz guarantees that your entire event — from skill-building workshops to keynote speeches —will be free from interruptions.

Don’t need quite that much space? No worries! Our event space features moveable room dividers that can create two to four smaller rooms, which can be perfect for:

  • Small business gatherings
  • Department-specific events
  • Breakout sessions

2. Partial or Full Venue Rental Options

The best corporate event spaces in Austin feature rental options that accommodate your specific event. It doesn’t make sense to book (and pay for) a venue that fits 500 people if you only need room for 50. It also makes no sense to cram your entire team into too small of a space. If you choose Pinballz, you can avoid these issues.

Pinballz offers buildable rental packages that allow you to tailor the space to your event. Are you a large corporation planning a total takeover of our venue? Game on. We’ll even throw in exclusive access to our full arcade. Are you a small, local business? Great. You can scale down and rent our event room on its own. Either way, we’d love to have your company visit us!

3. Built-In Group-Building Activities

Fostering connections and encouraging collaboration are essential aspects of corporate events. By freeing your team from the confines of cubicle walls and separate offices, they can share ideas and get to know each other on a more personal level. As such, the best Austin corporate venues offer built-in group-building activities that can strengthen your team.

The Pinballz arcade is packed with an incredible selection of new and classic games perfect for bringing groups together. It’s time to embrace the power of a well-planned corporate event and show your employees you know how to have fun in Austin. At Pinballz, you have numerous options, but some of our most popular activities include:

  • Skee-ball tournaments
  • Pinball tournaments
  • Arcade game scavenger hunts

4. Delicious Dining Options 

Austin is home to an incredible food scene, so why should corporate events in Austin feature catered cold cuts and forgettable finger sandwiches? Yeah, we can’t think of a good reason, either.

When you host your event at Pinballz, you can retire those skimpy salads and bogus buffets found at most corporate events. Instead, treat your team to classic arcade snacks from Mikki’s Replay Café.

Austin Corporate Events Your Whole Team Will Love 

With versatile private event spaces, customizable rental packages, and thrilling, morale-boosting activities, Pinballz has everything you need to throw a unique and unforgettable corporate event. Contact our team to learn how Pinballz surpasses other Austin corporate venues, and start building your event package today!